The Adult Reality of a 25 year old

          Growing up I was involved in a million different activities. From sports to writer’s clubs I never stopped. I was always changing activities and continually moving. In college I slowed down sports-wise but continued to have an unpredictable schedule that changed topics and times constantly. My senior year internship turned into my full-time 8am to 5pm job. I moved into an apartment with my now husband and settled into adulthood.

          What this means is that I wake up at the same time everyday and go from my yellow-beige apartment to my identical yellow-beige cubical. I have debt up the hoo-ha that prevents me from the American dream of purchasing my own home. Being newly married people are looking at me wondering about children but I can’t even afford bread, soo.

          I feel very disillusioned about what adulthood was supposed to look like. I am constantly bored and can’t afford the gas to do free things. I’m wondering if a lot of other people in their mid-twenties are feeling the same way. Like their motivation is being stifled by the very coffee we now need to stay awake.


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