What You Can Do For Others When They Are Grieving

Hello Lovelies,

My name is Ellie, so good to see you but I am sorry that it is under these circumstances. I want to talk about what you can do for others when they are going through grief, loss, and/or other tragic events. As a bystander when tragedy strikes, you will most likely feel incredibly helpless. The hard truth is that there is nothing you can say to someone in this situation that will make it any better. That does not mean that there is nothing you can physically do for them.

The most important thing that you can do for someone is to let them know that you are there if they need anything. To speak about the loss, to be distracted from it, or anything in-between. However, that is a big promise. One that you need to think about before saying. If they need help cleaning out there late-grandma’s house and they ask for your help. GO help them. If it’s not within your power to do what they are asking, that is okay. It’s important to note that when dealing with loss everyone reacts differently. Some people will blow up your phone and want to be with others and out of the house. On the other side of the spectrum some people will distance themselves to cope. There’s no one right way to handle loss so make sure you’re respectful and ask if you’re not sure what to do.

One thing you can do to help is to take care of food needs. This is something everyone is going to need at some point. Additionally, Please be aware of any food sensitivities/ preferences they have. Being sick from food is unhelpful. You can make or have food delivered to their home. You just need to look up restaurants in their area and call them with the address. I like to do this for people in other states. You can also make food for people. Casseroles are my favorite. They are so easy to make and can be frozen until needed.  I have included some links below for dishes that, in my experience, have been a hit.

If you have any questions about this please let me know!

Love you all,
Ellie Bea🐝

Cracker Chicken Casserole

Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Roasted Veggie Enchilada Casserole


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